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Ninfa G. Pérez

Co-Founder and President

Ninfa is one of Gretna Machine Shop’s co-founders and is now president of the company. With a no-nonsense attitude and the tenacity of any CFO, Ninfa has been instrumental in Gretna’s ongoing success. With more than 30 years of accounting and finance experience, Ninfa manages the company’s overall financial health. She graduated from El Colegio de Manizales in Colombia.


Nubia A. Pérez-Blaine

Vice President and
Director of Strategic Planning

As Gretna’s vice president and part-owner, Nubia helps plan and execute the company’s short and long-term goals with a focus on cost reduction and strategic planning. Previously, Nubia worked for Gazprom Marketing & Trading, USA, a subsidiary of the world’s largest natural gas company. Nubia has an undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s University, and an MBA from Rice University in Houston.


Nancy Pérez-Vargas

Vice President and Director of Marketing

Before working at Gretna, Nancy founded a successful advertising and marketing company in Atlanta, Ga. Now, as vice president and part-owner, Nancy continues to bring her invaluable marketing and entrepreneurial experience to Gretna. Nancy obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, and later attended the Portfolio Center School for Art Direction and Design in Atlanta.

Built on traditional values and still family-owned,
Gretna has grown into a modern, first-class machine shop

We have of team of more than 50 employees operating in a 50,000-quare-foot, state-of-the-art,
fully air-conditioned facility.



Natalia Jimenez

Production Manager

As production manager, Natalia schedules, expedites and oversees purchasing of material and outside processing. She has worked at Gretna for more than 14 years. Natalia earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from EAFIT in Medellín, Colombia. She is dedicated to making processes more efficient and oversees quoting, order processing, scheduling and expediting of jobs.


Herman Luna

Shop Manager

A Gretna team member for more than seven years, Herman oversees the company’s daily operations on the shop floor. He has been a Class A machinist for more than 10 years and is also an experienced supervisor, programmer and inspector. Herman constantly strives to learn more and keep abreast of the latest tool technology trends.


Robert Galvan

Tooling and Process Manager

Robert has over 10 years experience as precision machinist. As Tooling and Process Manager, his main objectives are to work with management to find ways reduce costs,  and to research the latest tooling technology that will improve efficiency and duration. He has a background in lean manufacturing, quality assurance, and safety.


Debbie Dostalik

Office Manager

With more than 20 years as a Gretna team member, Debbie is the backbone of all administrative activities. Maintaining rigorous dedication to detail, she oversees the company’s day-to-day requirements regarding finance, accounting, human resources and regulatory compliance.


Joel Arriga

Programming Engineer

Joel has been a Class A Machinist for almost 10 years, specializing in programming and design. He enjoys learning about different softwares and finding ways to run parts most efficiently with a strong focus on quality and tool duration. Joel received his degree in Machining and Tooling from El CECATI, a technical college in Mexico.


Dennis Henriquez

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Dennis has been part of the Gretna team over 15 years. Before joining Gretna, Dennis was in the military as a second lieutenant in his native country. He now brings his appreciation for timeliness and order to the shipping & receiving department, which is ultimately responsible for Gretna’s 100% On-Time Delivery to customers.